Changing with the times

There’s no other way to break unfortunate news to someone than to just say it: News media is changing, and (here’s the shocker) it’s completely expected.

As technology develops, changes, and evolves into new forms, we as journalists and readers are expected to develop, change and evolve as well.

It’s true ā€“ jobs are decreasing, there are not high-paying jobs, and the future sometimes looks bleak. There have been incredible downsizing of many companies including tycoons like Los Angeles Times, New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Smaller offices are suffering as well. And, it’s important to note, that it isn’t only print journalism but also broadcast journalism as well. Many companies are outsourcing graphics and control to sister stations and many employees are freelance (and don’t have secure positions that aren’t under union).

Now that I’ve said all of that, it looks bleaker than bleak…ultra-bleak.

But now, it’s time to get creative. Instead of having one editor-in-chief, there are opportunities for several specialized editors to take positions. Become a beat writer. Introduce creativity to posts. Use social media. Learn it, use it, learn to love it, and use it some more.

There are downsizing, there’s no denying that, but there’s also great opportunity to become specialized or to learn how to present your information in an incredibly unique way. Like I’ve said, it’s time to evolve, and here are some ways to do so to survive and thrive:



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