Live Tweet: GOP Debate

Live Tweeting is always a fun, innovative and strategic part of journalism. Instead of just heading back to the media room to write the story with quotes you managed to pull, live tweeting is a way to report in real time.

My strategy for live tweeting the GOP debate was to first research trending hashtags and popular people contributing to the twitter stream. I followed the trending people and memorized helpful hashtags.

Further research I wish I would have looked up, would be specific platforms of each candidate. If following the candidates longer, I would have liked to see if their views have changed or if they presented any conflicting statements.

The ‘persona’ I took on for live tweeting is the persona I generally use: opinionated, quirky and questioning. Throughout my tweets I tried to present the information differently instead of just always using direct quotes to relay information – I wanted my own questioning views to be presented. I often asked my followers if X was a quality that they would want in a president and question actions of the GOP candidates.

I enjoyed the fast-pace of live tweeting and think it’s a great way to get together a community of people covering the same event – I had people retweeting me I didn’t know and one person asked their own followers to follow me to see my tweets. This is a skill many aspiring journalists (and journalists!) should practice at every opportunity.


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