Are we copyright criminals?

Laws were at one time very simple, but that was when technology itself was simple too. We now live in an age where technology is rapidly changing, producing and reaching almost every person in the world. And with that, our laws regarding how technology is used is changing too.

The birth of the Internet also gave birth to more questions: What is private? How is information now shared? What information that can be obtained online can be used for other use?

It used to be simple – if you copied, you copyrighted. But now, the laws of copyrights are blurred and (most likely) we are all guilty of being copyright criminals.

The morality is when we take something of value from someone else it is wrong, but others shouldn’t be banned from having inspiration from another’s work. If a song was completely taken and just had different lyrics over it, then that’s more than just inspiration, that’s just copying. An example would be of the copyright infringement case against Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke and T.I. for the song “Blurred Lines.”

For others who are just innocently seeking inspiration, I say seek away. Anything can be found nowadays and maybe (just maybe) the idea of being original is dead since inspiration can be found anywhere at anytime.

At least innocently, we might be all copyright criminals.


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